Mission and Vision

Capital campaigns are special efforts to raise funds for a specific project—usually, renovating or expanding a building or other construction—that requires substantial time and resources to complete. This campaign has a goal of $2.0 M for the renovation of the existing structure and the construction of a new sanctuary for Rehoboth Baptist Church. The expectation is to raise these funds over a three-year timeframe.

To bridge the gap between the past and the future, we are embarking on a campaign that works within Rehoboth’s existing mission of Bridging the Gap Between Christ and The Community. The Campaign theme of “Bridging the Gap. Sowing Seeds of Faith” gives us another opportunity to be faithful to God, our Church, and the Community through sacrificial giving. We intend to build on the past as we incorporate the history of the church through the renovations of the existing structure while preparing for the future with the construction of a new sanctuary.

Matthew 5:14 NKJV: “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Church History

The history of Rehoboth Baptist Church dates back to the late 19th century, approximately 143 years ago. Rehoboth’s history began in 1879 with a small groupof courageous believers from Ridgeway, SC, approximately 18 miles north of the Church’s present location.

These faithful believers gathered in what was known as “Bush Arbor” to worship and praise the Lord. A few years later before the turn of the century, the Lord blessed Rehoboth’s endeavors with its original building. The Church was originally called “RAHATBAH” Baptist Church and was constructed under the donated hands of brothers, Simon and Rufus Jones.

On December 23, 1915, Rahabath Baptist Church purchased one acre of land from Earl Miles for twenty-five dollars. During this phase of its history, Rahabath’s Trustees Fletcher Taylor, James Taylor and Mach Simon changed the Church’s spelling to its current name of Rehoboth, which biblically means room to grow.

In 1934, Rehoboth suffered a great loss. Due to fire, the structure burned down. In 1936, two years later, God restored Rehoboth to a new structure under the leadership of the late Reverend W.L. Wilson of Greenwood, SC. During his tenure, the Musical and Jubilee Choir were reorganized.

In 1962, Reverend Moses Thompson was called to become pastor of Rehoboth where he faithfully served until 1989. During his tenure, Rehoboth underwent several changes as a result of restructuring and renovations. In the late 1980s during Reverend Thompson’s tenure, the Ridgeway Mining Company planned an expansion. This expansion included the immediate land surrounding Rehoboth Baptist Church. The mine expansion brought about a search for a new location for Rehoboth’s continued existence in Columbia, SC. After serving the spiritual needs of the Ridgeway community for many years, Rehoboth began plans for constructionof a new sanctuary. Land was purchased and a contract for new construction was signed on May 11, 1989 under the leadership of Reverend Thompson. On May 24, 1989, Reverend Thompson officiated the groundbreaking ceremony on Hardscrabble Road, Columbia, SC.

The new building for Rehoboth Baptist Church was completed and on Sunday, February 4, 1990, Rehoboth’s church family transitioned into their new church home, thereby manifesting its name Rehoboth and its meaning to make room.

Reverend Chisolm served as interim pastor for one year after Reverend Thompson. Reverend Frederick served as pastor for three years until year 1994 and was succeeded by Reverend Dr. George Gaymon. Pastor Gaymon inspired the organization and reorganization of numerous auxiliaries in the church. Under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Gaymon, four ministers were sent by the Lord to the
church, thereby increasing the total to eleven sons and daughters in the ministry.

The following ministers have served as pastors of Rehoboth Baptist Church: Reverend Pratt, Reverend S. Gardener, Reverend Stevenson, Reverend McClurkim, Reverend T. Morris, Reverend L.C. Sanders, Reverend M.C. Fennell, Reverend Marshall, Reverend Daniels, Reverend Bethea, Reverend Pringle, Reverend James Curry, Reverend Haggins, Reverend Moses Thompson, Reverend Samuel Frederick, Reverend Dr. George Gaymon, Reverend Alvin Sykes, and our current pastor, Reverend Dr. Ivory T. Thigpen.

Our Progress

Pledge Goal
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Every gift to the Bridging the Gap Sowing Seeds of Faith Capital Campaign  at Rehoboth Baptist Church makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our members and this community. 

The impact of your pledges and sustained sacrificial giving  cannot be measured and will be felt for generations to come as we continue to grow God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

I Chronicles 28:10

“Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong and do the work.”


Ways to Give

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4646 Hard Scrabble Rd, Columbia, SC 29229 or Church Drop box


March 03, 2023

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Committee Members

  • Georgia Gillens, Chair

  • Wanda Blackmon

  • David Coleman

  • Delores Coleman

  • Krystal Dickerson

  • Enoch Dickerson

  • Chastiney Ford

  • Patrick Ford

  • Tammie Greene

  • Malinda Molden

  • Robert Molden, Trustee

  • Dr. Bernice Moore-Green

  • Marilyn Parmely

  • Marcus Price

  • Wanda Price

  • Dr. Kay Thomas


  • Deacon Phil Harris
  • Tabitha Celestine
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Giving FAQs

A capital campaign is a special effort to raise funds for a specific project—usually, renovating or expanding a building or other construction—that requires substantial time and resources to complete.

Rehoboth Baptist Church’s mission is Bridging the Gap Between Christ and the Community. The Capital Campaign’s theme of “Bridging the Gap. Sowing Seeds of Faith,” builds on this mission by challenging us to live Rehoboth’s overall mission through this sacrificial giving campaign.

A couple of years ago Pastor Thigpen shared his vision for new facilities to Bridge the Gap between the past and the future. We intend to build on the past as we incorporate the history of the church through the renovations of the existing structure, while preparing for the future with the construction of a new sanctuary. While these building plans were in place prior to the pandemic, the need for larger facilities is greater than ever as we seek to return to in-person worship in larger facilities.

Yes. The Capital Campaign donations are separate from tithes and offering. This sacrificial giving campaign is over and above your individual weekly giving.

The Capital Campaign giving period is 3 years.

See the Capital Campaign website at https://rbcbuildingcampaign.org for Ways to Give.

Just as you sacrifice each week in your giving to God, the Capital Campaign should be based on individual pledges. Some families may write one check, but each individual should complete and return a personal pledge card.

Yes. Contributions made to the Capital Campaign are tax deductible, however, it is always important to consult with a tax professional for details on your specific situation.

The Capital Campaign will officially kickoff on February 13, 2022.

Yes. If your company offers a matching program, please contact your human resources department for additional information and further details on their matching funds process.